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Installing InterNetNews
                               Rich $alz
                       Updated by: James Brister

                      Internet Software Consortium

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       This  document  discusses  how  to  install  and  set   up
       InterNetNews.   You  should  be  familiar  with Usenet and
       networks;  the   first   section   gives   references   to
       documentation  for  these  topics,  and  the last appendix
       gives a Usenet overview for novices.

     This document also describes what many of the programs do  and  how
they  should  be used.  Even if you are a world-class expert at building
and maintaining public software, you should probably read this.

     This is revision 1.19, dated 1996/11/10.

1.  Things You Should Know Before You Do Anything

2.  If You Are Impatient

3.  Distribution Roadmap

4.  Building the System
   4.1.  Building subst
   4.2.  Editing config.data
      4.2.1.  Make config parameters
      4.2.2.  Logging levels
      4.2.3.  Ownerships and file modes
      4.2.4.  C library differences
      4.2.5.  C library omissions
      4.2.6.  Miscellaneous config data
      4.2.7.  Paths to common programs
      4.2.8.  Paths related to the spool directory
      4.2.9.  Execution paths for innd and rnews
      4.2.10.  Sockets created by innd or clients
      4.2.11.  Log and config files
      4.2.12.  Innwatch configuration
      4.2.13.  Tcl filtering configuration.
      4.2.14.  PGP control message verification.
      4.2.15.  Actsync configuration.
   4.3.  Typical config.data changes

5.  Other Source Preparations
   5.1.  Systems with old syslogs
   5.2.  The DBZ package
   5.3.  Using writev

6.  Compiling the System
   6.1.  Building the Library
   6.2.  Compiling the Programs
      6.2.1.  The Frontend Programs
      6.2.2.  Innd
      6.2.3.  The NetNews Reading Daemon
      6.2.4.  The Backend Programs
      6.2.5.  Expire
      6.2.6.  Script and data files
   6.3.  Manual pages

7.  Installing the System

8.  Heterogeneous Client Installations

Installing InterNetNews Part 2
    Known Problems
    Appendix I:  Differences from other News software
    Appendix II:  Converting from other News software
    Appendix III:  Setting up different feeds
    Appendix IV:  First-time Usenet or NNTP Installation
    Appendix V:  News overview database
    Appendix VI:  Limited MIME Support
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Note:Installing INN 2.x is covered at RKT for INN 2.x

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