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5.1. Systems with old syslogs
     If you need to install the syslog that is distributed with INN,  go
to  the  top of the distribution and type ``make syslogfix''.  This will
also compile syslogd, the logging daemon.  You should  install  this  to
replace  your  existing  daemon,  usually in /etc/syslog.  You will also
need to install the new-style syslog.conf file.

     If you cannot replace syslogd on your machine, then  see  the  file
syslog/README  for  information  on  how  to  set  it up as an alternate

     Ignore any complaints from  lint  about  the  INN  sources  calling
openlog  with  the  wrong argument count.  In fact, if you don't get any
complaints, then something is wrong with the way syslog, <syslog.h>,  or
the lint libraries are set up on your system.
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