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4.2.8. Paths related to the spool directory
     By default, all news  articles  are  stored  in  directories  under
/usr/spool/news.   Be  careful  if  you  pick  a different value -- many
newsreaders know about this directory name.

     INN uses a trick (which I first saw in C News)  that  lets  it  use
this  same  directory  to store its incoming news (spooled by rnews when
innd is  not  available),  and  its  outgoing  batch  files.   Since  no
newsgroup  can  ever  have a dot in its name, a directory like out.going
can never be a newsgroup name, and it is safe to put the news batchfiles
in  there.   This  is  used  by  the  _PATH_SPOOLNEWS parameter, and the
_PATH_BATCHDIR parameter.

     Do  not  make  _PATH_LOCKS   be   in   the   same   filesystem   as
_PATH_SPOOLNEWS.   If  you  do this, then INN will not be able to create
any lock files when your spool directory is full.   This  will  probably
mean  that  news.daily  will  not  be able to run and that it won't call
expire to free up disk space.  You should also put  _PATH_NEWSLIB  on  a
separate  partition  if you can, but that is not as important because it
tends to fill up less often.

     If you change parameters in this section a great deal,  then  there
is  a  chance  that the makedirs.sh script will fail because some needed
intermediate directories will not exist.  This should not be a  problem,
as  you can just create the directories yourself -- make sure to set the
ownership and modes right -- and re-run the script.
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