Introduction to the INN config file

The purpose of config.dist is described in INN installation guide section 4.2 Editing Basically, it is the starting file for (your local version) which determines all configurable behavior of INN. You will have to adapt this file for your needs. The INN installation guide walks you through the sections and the process. The INN FAQ part 9 lists changes typical for specific systems, and there are sample configs shipped with INN1.5.1

Although there are over 250 parameters, almost all of them can be left to be default. (One exception is LIKE_PULLERS, which most admins change to DO. See various discussions and references in archives, and
the note at INN 1.5.1-README A Note about LIKE_PULLERS)

Mib Software provides INN configuration and setup services, as well as other support for INN users See Getting Support for INN

config.dist is formatted for compatibility to subst(1) (both as a substitutions file AND a victim file.) Instead of editting the file directly, subst(1) can be used to change only those items which need to be changed.

Example and Explanation of a config file entry
Here is an example entry:

##  Do you want to make life easy for peers to pull feeds from you (it's
##  harder on your machine). Pick DO or DONT. With DONT, you get a small
##  sleep inserted before each ARTICLE command is processed. (With
##  apologies to the Australians in the audience).

A final reminder (in case you missed the others) use subst(1) to maintain! Don't edit it directly.

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