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4.2. Editing config.data
     Once you have subst working, the  next  step  is  to  set  up  your
configuration  parameters.   This is the hardest part of installing INN.
Don't panic!  There are many configuration parameters, but it should  be
very easy for you to determine the answer for most of them.  To do this,
you  should  copy  config/config.dist,  the  distribution   master,   to
config/config.data,  your local copy.  INN is distributed to compile and
run under BSD/OS 2.1 by default.

     The configuration file is divided into the following sections:

     Make config parameters
     Logging levels
     Ownerships and file modes
     C library differences
     C library omissions
     Miscellaneous config data
     Paths to common programs
     Paths related to the spool directory
     Execution paths for innd and rnews
     Sockets created by innd or clients
     Log and config files
     Innwatch configuration
     Tcl filtering configuration
     PGP control-message verification configuration
     Local configuration
     Actsync configuration

You should have a copy of config.data nearby as you read  the  next  few
sections.   It  is  probably  a  good idea to write down your changes on
paper before you edit the file.

     The format of the file is very strict.   A  line  starting  with  a
poundsign is a comment line.  All other lines must be in this format:

     parameter <one-or-more-tabs> value

If there is no ``value'' the ``<one-or-more-tabs>'' is  still  required.
Do  not put quote marks around the values -- if you do, you will usually
get a syntax error while compiling the  system.   The  discussion  below
uses quotes only to show where the values start and end.
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