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4.1. Building subst
     INN uses the C News subst program to  automate  the  configuration.
Subst is a very clever way of safely editing a file under the control of
a configuration file.   For  more  details,  see  the  documentation  in
doc/subst.1.   Thanks  to  Henry  Spencer  and  Geoff  Collyer for their
permission to use and redistribute subst.

     We will use config.dist as  the  configuration  file  to  test  the
version  of  subst  that you build.  (You can always replace your config
file with the distribution file and  do  another  make  to  restore  the
original versions.)

     The C News subst program is a shell script that uses sed to do  the
editing.   The  INN configuration file is too large for some versions of
sed.  The first step is to see if your sed will work.  To do this,  type
the following:

     cd $inn/config
     cp config.dist config.data
     make sedtest

If you get any error messages from sed such as ``too much command text''
(or  if  it dumps core) you have two choices.  (You should also complain
to your vendor.)  One choice is to use another version of sed,  such  as
the  one  distributed  by the Free Software Foundation.  If you do this,
edit config/Makefile and change the line that defines the SED  variable.
If you want to use the C News script, then do the following:

     cd $inn/config
     make sh

     The other choice is to use the C version of subst.  You might  want
to  do  this  anyway, since it can be much faster.  To do this, type the

     cd $inn/config
     cp config.dist config.data
     make c quiet

If you get any compilation errors,  you  will  have  to  edit  the  file
config/subst.c.  If you are using an early version of AFS, you will have
edit the file to enable the USE_RENAME macro.  If you have to  make  any
other changes, please let me know.

     Since subst changes source files, you might want to make  a  backup
copy  of all the files that will be modified.  You can do this by typing
``make backup'' in the config directory.  This will create a  local  tar
file  that  contains all the files that will be modified into it.  Doing
``make restore'' will unpacks the tar  file.   (Since  subst  makes  its
changes safely, this step is optional.)
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