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4. Building the System
     INN is built in steps.  First, the subst program is built.  Next, a
configuration  file  containing key/value pairs is created.  Subst reads
this file and uses it to edit  a  specific  set  of  files  in  the  INN
distribution.   (Most  of  the  files that get modified are Makefiles or
header files.)  The library is then built; lint is usually a good way to
see if some of the basic configuration parameters are set up right.  The
next step is to compile (and lint) all the programs.  The  programs  are
then installed, and the INN data files are set up.

     The  configuration  process  is   deliberately   not   interactive.
Configure  scripts  like  the one in rn are fun to watch, but they spend
too much effort on the wrong job, like  whether  grep  returns  an  exit
status.   It  is  also difficult to change one parameter and rebuild the
software.  (C News has this same problem.)

     INN's method also has its flaws.  Because almost all  configuration
data  is  in  one  header  file,  changing  almost  anything  will force
everything to be recompiled.

   4.1.  Building subst
   4.2.  Editing config.data
      4.2.1.  Make config parameters
      4.2.2.  Logging levels
      4.2.3.  Ownerships and file modes
      4.2.4.  C library differences
      4.2.5.  C library omissions
      4.2.6.  Miscellaneous config data
      4.2.7.  Paths to common programs
      4.2.8.  Paths related to the spool directory
      4.2.9.  Execution paths for innd and rnews
      4.2.10.  Sockets created by innd or clients
      4.2.11.  Log and config files
      4.2.12.  Innwatch configuration
      4.2.13.  Tcl filtering configuration.
      4.2.14.  PGP control message verification.
      4.2.15.  Actsync configuration.
   4.3.  Typical config.data changes
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