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4.2.7. Paths to common programs
     INN uses a few standard programs like /bin/sh and sendmail.  If you
don't  have  sendmail  then  you must have a program that accepts a full
message -- including headers -- on its standard input, and delivers  it.
This  program  is  specified  by  the  _PATH_SENDMAIL  parameter, and is
normally ``/usr/lib/sendmail -t''.  The parameter is actually a sprintf
format  string  that  will  be given the destination address as its only
argument.  on some sites (e.g., those running MMDF) the ``-t'' could  be
replaced with a ``%s''.

     INN puts most of its executables in the directory specified by  the
_PATH_NEWSBIN  parameter.  Some programs expect inews and rnews to be in
certain places; for example, UUCP usually  wants  rnews  in  /bin.   The
default  configuration puts these programs in only one spot; if you need
to have multiple links to the same file, you will have to do it yourself
after  INN  is  installed.   If you have additional scripts and programs
that you use to maintain your system,  you  can  put  them  in  whatever
directory  you want.  You will probably need to add _PATH_NEWSBIN to the
PATH of any such scripts.

     If you have an /etc/rc.local file you  should  make  sure  that  it
invokes  the  script  named  by  the _PATH_NEWSBOOT parameter.  On other
systems  (mostly  System  V  derivatives),  the  system  boot  procedure
automatically  runs  all  the scripts in a particular directory, such as
/etc/init.2.   In   that   case,   you   should   pick   a   name   like
/etc/init.2/S99news  and  have  the news boot script installed there, or
install it in the default /etc/rc.news and make the link yourself.

     The daily maintenance script, news.daily calls scanlogs  to  rotate
and trim log files, as well as generating summaries using egrep and awk.
On some systems the log files are too big  for  these  programs  so  you
might  have to complain to your vendor and install the versions from the
Free Software Foundation.  The scanlogs script has a short test you  can
run to see if your egrep will work.
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