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INN Setup and Changes

This portion of the RKT is intended to be used as a reference, not a tutorial. If you want to learn about the steps to install INN, then you may want to start at:

The Usenet RKT for Providers has additional main topic areas:

INN Setup by Topic
INN Patches
INN Setup by Topic: INND
INN Setup by Topic: Readers
INN Setup by Topic: Active File
INN Setup by Topic: Articles/Spool/Expire
INN Setup by Topic: Data Files/History
INN Setup by Topic: Logs
INN Setup by Topic: Incoming news(including TCL and PERL hooks)
INN Setup by Topic: Outgoing news
INN Setup by Topic: Control messages
INN 1.5.1 config.dist Sections and notes of the configuration data file.

To get a good overview of the various parts of INN, see Usenet RKT The various parts of INN (Includes Data Flow Diagram) or Usenet RKT How does a newsserver work?

See Also
Installing InterNetNews (Install.MS in hypertext)
INN FAQ by machine/OS
Installing INN Appendix II: Converting from other News software
INN config.dist Section 1 MAKE CONFIG PARAMETERS
INN FAQ Table Of Contents for Part 2/9 Specific notes for specific operating systems
INN FAQ Table Of Contents for Part 4/9 The debugging tutorial (setup of feeds etc.)
INN FAQ Table Of Contents for Part 6/9 Day-to-day operation and changes to the system
INN FAQ Table Of Contents for Part 8/9 Appendix A: Norman's install guide
INN FAQ Table Of Contents for Part 9/9 Appendix B: Configurations for certain systems

Mib Software provides support for INN users. See Getting Support for INN

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You are reading from the Usenet RKT
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