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INN Setup by Topic: Active File

(INN 2.x) INN 2.x Setup by Topic: DB Files/Active/History
Installing INN: config.data 4.2.15. Actsync configuration.
INN config.dist Section 16 Actsync Configuration
Installing INN: config.data 4.2.6. Miscellaneous config data (MMAP of active file)
6.2 INN FAQ Why is /usr/lib/news/newsgroups not found?
6.3 INN FAQ Safe way to edit the "active" file?
7.15 INN FAQ Why am I getting alt.sex.pictures even though I have...
7.12 INN FAQ I'm getting groups sent to me that I don't want.
7.44 INN FAQ My feed does have different groups in active

Installing INN Differences from other News software 2. Newsgroups, Active, Sys, and Newsfeeds

List of Bogus newsgroups is posted to news.groups periodically, and archived at

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Usenet RKT INN Man Pages by Topic: Active File
Usenet RKT INN Troubleshooting by Topic: Active File

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