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INN Setup by Topic: Control messages

(INN 2.x) INN 2.x Setup by Topic: Control messages

Installing INN: config.data 4.2.6. Miscellaneous config data(VERIFY_CANCELS)
Installing INN: config.data 4.2.14. PGP control message verification.
INN config.dist Section 14 PGP control message configuration
6.23 INN FAQ Fill different types of control messages in different directories?
4.23 INN FAQ Should I distribute control messages?
Installing INN: Differences from other News software 3. Control Messages

Overview and Related Topics
Up to: INN Setup and Changes
Usenet RKT INN Man Pages by Topic: Control messages
Usenet RKT INN Troubleshooting by Topic: INND
Usenet RKT INN Troubleshooting by Topic: ctlinnd and control messages

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