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Usenet RKT For Providers (Getting Started)
What you already knowWant to learn more about
I want to provide Usenet newsUsenet RKT: Requirements to be a Usenet Provider
Usenet RKT: How does a newsserver work?
Usenet RKT: What is INN?
INN FAQ What has Netscape's Newsserver to do with INN?
Can I use INN?Usenet Hardware and Operating system requirements
INN FAQ What machines does it run on?
INN FAQ Suppose I have a 286 machine?
INN FAQ Does INN implement NOV, xthread (trn) or xuser/xmotd (tin) commands?
INN FAQ Is an ident or authorization protocol supported?
INN FAQ Does INN do UUCP batching like C News?

Will INN work with......?
I want to start using INNINN FAQ Where can I get the INN software?
Usenet RKT INN Setup and Changes
INN FAQ Help! How do I configure this beast?
I need more information
I am already using INN INN FAQ How do I submit additional information for the FAQ?
Usenet RKT For Providers...Troubleshooting INN
Usenet RKT For Providers

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