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What is INN?

INN stands for InterNetNews. INN is software for implementing Usenet: transferring, storing, and expiring Usenet articles.

There are Alternatives to INN, some are public domain, and some are commercial. INN is so popular that many of the alternatives are based on INN or are described in terms of INN (differences, similarities.)

More Detailed Topics
The original Usenix paper that describes INN is included in the Usenet RKT.
Usenet RKT: The various parts of INN
Usenet RKT: How does a newsserver work?
Usenet RKT Can I run INN on my machine?
Usenet RKT: Alternatives to INN
Usenet RKT: INN Versions
Getting Support for INN

Overview and Related Topics
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Usenet RKT: Who maintains INN?
INN FAQ What is INN?

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