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Alternatives to INN

There are alternatives to INN, some are public domain, and some are commercial. INN is so popular that many of the alternatives are based on INN or are described in terms of INN (differences, similarities.)

And as discussed in the Usenet RKT How does a newsserver work? topic, all of the operational requirements will be the same. Any design that satisfies the requirements will have similar architectures. For this reason, INN can be used as a starting point for describing and understanding most alternatives.

There is a list of alternatives to INN, including short summaries and reviews (slanted towards major peering performance) at http://nntprelay.maxwell.syr.edu/servers.html

Microsoft Commercial Internet System includes a News server.

Netscape offers a commercial news server. (Info at http://home.netscape.com/comprod/server_central/product/news/news_server.html)

The rest of the information in this topic is taken directly from Usenet Software: History and Sources Note that Microsoft and Netscape also have commercial news server products.

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ANU-NEWS is news package written by Geoff Huston of Australia for VMS
systems.  ANU-NEWS is a complete news system that allows reading,
posting, direct replies, moderated newsgroups, etc. in a fashion
closely related to regular news.  The implementation includes the RFC
1036 news propagation algorithms and integrated use of the NNTP
protocols (see below) to support remote news servers, implemented as a
VAX/VMS Decnet object.  An RFC 977 server implemented as a Decnet
object is also included. ANU-NEWS currently includes support for the
following TCP/IP protocols: MultiNet, CMU/TEK, Wollongong WIN/TCP, UCX
(TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS), EXOS, and TCPware.  The ANU-NEWS
interface is similar to standard DEC screen oriented systems.  The
license for the software is free, and there are no restrictions on the
re-distribution.  For more info, contact gih900@fac.anu.oz.au (Geoff
Huston).  ANU-NEWS is available for FTP from kuhub.cc.ukans.edu.
Contact SLOANE@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU for more info.

A screen-oriented news client for VMS that works with CMU/tek, EXOS,
MultiNet, UCX, Wollongong and DECnet is also available via ftp from
iraun1.ira.uka.de, info.rz.uni-ulm.de, and ftp.spc.edu (contact Bernd
Onasch <uranus@pilhuhn.ka.sub.org> for details).

Reader NNTP clients for VMS are also available, including VMS/VNEWS
(current release 1.4) and an upcoming reader only version of ANU-NEWS.
VMS/VNEWS is available via anonymous ftp from arizona.edu (contact
jms@arizona.edu for more information) or at any site which archives
vmsnet.source.  Although the current release of ANU-NEWS is usable as
a reader it can be difficult when used with a UNIX server.

FNEWS is a fast news reader, for VAX/VMS and UNIX.  It is basically a
mixture of NEWSRDR and ANU-NEWS, (a bit like 'nn' in how it works) giving
a nice (but different) full-screen interface and fast response to 
thousands of groups without heavily loading your local machine.  It works by
caching the news indexes from a UNIX news system (CNEWS or INN), and then
dynamically loading the items when the user wants to read them.  Indexes
are only cached for groups which are actually read, so the load and disk
usage can be very small.  FNEWS Versions are available for VMS, ALPHA-VMS
and UNIX via anonymous ftp from ftp.std.com in /ftp/vendors/emagic/fnews.
Contact chrisp@marc.cri.nz for more information.

A port of C News for the Commodore Amiga under AmigaDOS (NOT Unix), is
available.  The port was done by Frank J. Edwards <crash@ckctpa.uucp>,
and available from Larry Rosenman <ler@lerami.lerctr.org>.  Also,
Matt Dillon <dillon@overload.berkely.ca.us>, has greatly improved the
UUCP clone for AmigaDOS, currently V1.16D, available for ftp from
ftp.uu.net in /systems/amiga/dillon.  The package also includes a
newsreader very loosely like the real rn.  Dillon also has a "vn" port
provided by Eric Lee Green.  This software is also available on Bix,
and for ftp from wuarchive.wustl.edu (many other Amiga newsreaders are
also available on theis ftp site).


At least one IBM VM/SP (CMS) version of the Usenet software is
available.  It is known as PSU NetNews, and it is maintained by Linda
Littleton (lrl@psuvm.bitnet/psuvm.psu.edu).  Version 2.4 of the
software is available from LISTSERV@PSUVM.  PSU NetNews supports only
3270 terminals, and uses XEDIT as its screen driver.  Most major VM
sites appear to use this package.  NetNews supports locally-stored
news, not NNTP reading.

Since January 1993, a complete NNTP server is available for VM systems.
It provides news reading, posting and feed processing compatible to the
Unix NNTP implementations.  The code is written in IBM's VM Rexx.
It assumes that you already have installed PSU VM NETNEWS.  The VM NNTP
package, written by Kris Van Hees (gutest6@cc1.kuleuven.ac.be) who also
takes care of the maintenance.  The current version is 1.0.1 and requires
IBM's FAL TCP/IP and Arty Ecock's RXSOCKET which is available from the
IBMTCP FIELLIST on listserv@pucc.  The VM NNTP package can be obtained
from the NNTP PACKAGE on listserv@blekul11.

There is NNTP support for PSU NetNews for bulk news receipt: NNTPXFER
will poll another site for news, and NNTPRCVR will receive news sent
from a Unix NNTPXMIT process.  Either program sends the news articles
to NetNews for processing.  Contact Andy Hooper (hooper@qucdn.bitnet
or qucdn.queensu.ca) for more information, or obtain them from
listserv@qucdn in PUBLIC FILELIST.  These programs are provided with
source, and require IBM's FAL TCP/IP and Pascal.  An NNTPXMIT sender
that works in cooperation with PSU NETNEWS is available from Herman
Van Uytven (SYSTHVU@cc1.kuleuven.ac.be).


Commercial software

DNEWS is a commercial product from NetWin.  DNEWS licenses are provided
free to educational institutions for non profit use. With DNEWS, the news
is stored in a database so as not to overload the raw file system.  DNEWS
supports 'sucking' where only groups which users read are pulled over from
the feeder site. DNEWS is currently known to run on VMS, Windows NT,
Solaris, SunOS, Unixware, HP/UX.  DNEWS binaries are available by
anonymous ftp from ftp.std.com in /ftp/vendors/netwin/dnews
or from
DNEWS sources can be obtained on request, see the file source.txt in the
ftp area for more information.

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