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The "For Providers" portion of the RKT is arranged with two audiences in mind:

Usenet RKT: INN
ReasonTopic Area
INN Setup and ChangesSetup: INND
Setup: Readers
Setup: Active File
Setup: Articles/Spool/Expire
Setup: Logs
Setup: Incoming news
Setup: Outgoing news
Setup: Control messages
INN 1.5.1 Config file
Installing Internet News
See Also: Getting Started
Troubleshooting INNTroubleshooting: by message
Troubleshooting: INND
Troubleshooting: Readers
Troubleshooting: Active File
Troubleshooting: Articles/Spool/Expire
Troubleshooting: Performance
Troubleshooting: Incoming news
Troubleshooting: Outgoing news
Troubleshooting: Control messages
INN FAQ After a crash
INN FAQ by machine/OS
INN Man Pages and
other documentation
INN docs: INND
INN docs: Readers
INN docs: Active File
INN docs: Articles/Spool/Expire
INN docs: Data Files/History
INN docs: Logs
INN docs: Incoming news
INN docs: Outgoing news
INN docs: Control messages

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