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Article Arrival

- Incoming message processing

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Related Categories

Basic Troubleshooting Skills - Where and how to look when there are problems

Article Storage - Message spool

Performance - Improving response time and throughput

Outgoing Articles - Outgoing message handling

INN daemon - The main handler for articles and incoming connections

Internal files and Data - internally maintained data and processing. Overview, history, active, news.daily, et al.

Control Messages - newgroup, rmgroup, and other control message processing

(There may be additional related categories here)

Questions and Answers

INN FAQ I upgraded to INN 1.5.1, and it takes clients a long time to connect.

INN FAQ I upgraded to INN 1.5.1, and peers have trouble feeding me.

INN FAQ What happens to cancels if they arrive before the article ?

INN FAQ My feed does have different groups in active

INN FAQ Getting lots of duplicate articles

INN FAQ Feedentries in newsfeeds are ignored

INN FAQ Reloading hosts.nntp is slow.

INN FAQ Is there a automatic way to update newsfeeds?

INN FAQ Server throttled No space left on device writing article file

INN FAQ Out of inodes but still space left on disk

INN FAQ I am not getting all the articles, but my feeder is sending a full feed

INN FAQ Why am I getting alt.sex.pictures even though I have...

INN FAQ When my feeder connects, I get articles but they don't take what's waiting for them.

INN FAQ I'm getting groups sent to me that I don't want.

INN FAQ Feeds suddenly can't connect anymore!

INN FAQ Debugging someone that is feeding you.

INN FAQ Why doesn't this newsfeeds entry do what I want?

INN FAQ How come my host name comes out twice in the Path line?

INN FAQ I don't want all those reject messages from rnews in syslog

INN FAQ Not a directory writing article file -- throttling

INN FAQ innd: site: closed 5:closed seconds 12 accepted 3 rejected 4 refused 5

INN FAQ "File exists writing symlinking article file -- throttling"

INN FAQ Why do all these "readclose" messages show up in my syslog?

INN FAQ inews says "bad message-id"

INN FAQ syslog: cant read Connection reset by peer

INN FAQ syslog: cant symlink

INN FAQ log file fills with "<site> <article-id> 436 No space"

INN FAQ Introduction to the "newsfeeds" file

INN FAQ syslog message: ME bad_newsfeeds no feeding sites

INN FAQ syslog message: ME internal no control and/or junk group

INN FAQ syslog message: ME internal no to group

Information and References

hosts.nntp(5) list of hosts that feed NNTP news

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