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News Utilities

Many people have written news utilities and tools. Most are available from the Internet Software Consortium INN FTP site, as "unofficial contributions" -- they were not developed by the ISC.
(Note: a mirror for much of the unoff-contributed software appears at BELNET FTP Site.)

NOTE: This list is probably not complete. Announcements of tools in news.software.nntp do not always make it to the standard places. Please point out any sites I have missed. If you have a utility you wish listed, then send e-mail.

Before concluding something does not exist, or writing a new utility, read the Developer's section of the Usenet RKT (especially the topic Has it been done before?)

Alphabetical Listing of News Utilities (--kind of long, but you might enjoy browsing to get an idea of what is out there.)

By Topic

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Sources of this list
This section of the Usenet RKT is a compilation of various lists of news utilities:

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