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News Utilities by Topic: Articles/Spool

Note: Descriptions are excerpted from the author's description or documentation, or README files or HTML documents. It is fully your responsibility to verify the software will work as you expect and is suitable for use.

archive(8) Usenet article archiver

expire(8) remove old articles (from history and spool)

fastrm(8) remove a list of files (articles)

overchan(8) update news overview database

checklinks.pl (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
"Go through history file and for each post that is crossposted, verify and restore proper
hardlinks/symlinks. Good to run after you reshuffle a spool partition to restore hardlinks to save
space, or correct improper symlinks. "

dnntpd-0.9n-UW (At Scripts by noyd@u.washington.edu)
"...Virtual NNTPd" which allows you to distribute newsgroups across multiple machines.
CMU's software with University of Washington customizations."

dnntpd.tar.gz (At BELNET)
"...Virtual NNTPd which allows you to distribute newsgroups across multiple machines."

enh-du2.tar.gz (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
"An "enhanced" du off the net back in '93. Much faster and has a lot of neat features. " Can be used to report space used by newsgroups by arrival day.

fastfs.c (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
"Turns on/off delayed inode updates for dramatic speedups in things like restore or expire
(fastrm). Use with care. For SunOS 4.x and 5.x only. "

findmissing.pl (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
"Quick perl script to find (so you can delete) files in your news spool which aren't in your history

newsprune (At Utilities by Matt Dillon) INN/HISTORY based spool cleaner-upper V
For news administrators running INN and using standard inn history files, a program which
efficiently locates articles that are no longer referenced by the history file and produces a list of
them on the standard output. Nominally used to delete articles that INN has lost track of. This
coupled with a 'expireover -s' to clean your overview files does a pretty good job keeping your
news spool clean.

nocem and nocemOnSpool (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET News Software and Docs)
Auto cancel of spam, etc.....nocem requires that you use a recent version of pgp, perl, and that
you can get the groups alt.nocem.misc locally.

resync (At Scripts by noyd@u.washington.edu)
Synchronize slave with master.

rkive-2.2.tar.gz (At BELNET)
Automatic article archiving

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INN Patches by Topic: Articles/Spool

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