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cancel.151.patch is the same as cancel.14u4.patch, just for 1.5.1. Read the notes or be sorry.
(At Joe Greco's INN Patch Shop)
"...a patch that alters the spool format used by INN to store "control/cancel"... This will speed up cancel reception of lots of cancels by orders of magnitude, because one of the biggest bottlenecks is repeatedly searching a directory that is several hundred kilobytes (or even a few megabytes) long. Read the notes or be sorry....."
Can apply to: INN 1.5.1, inn1.5.1corr/1.7. Fails against INN 1.6b3.
[See also: prune.tgz at the same site for a different solution.]

ext2_no_atime.diff (At
(Linux Specific) My patch for not updating the access time in the inode. This eliminates a 1k write for every directory and file access in the spool. About a 20% speed up during renumbers and fastrm and eliminates a lot of general newspool access. Use the no_atime mount time option to activate.

-B-r-o-a-d-e-n- your knowledge

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Defect lists for INN versions 1.5.1 and later
For an overview comparison of 1.5.1, 1.5.1sec2, 1.5.2pre1, 1.6b3, and 1.5.1corr, see inn1.5.1corr/1.7

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