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News Utilities by Topic: Logs

Note: Descriptions are excerpted from the author's description or documentation, or README files or HTML documents. It is fully your responsibility to verify the software will work as you expect and is suitable for use.

innlog.pl(8) perl script to summarize innd and nnrpd log files

scanlogs(8) summarize INN log files

writelog(8) add an entry into an INN log file

dropgroups (At Scripts by noyd@u.washington.edu)
Report newsgroup reading and traffic. This script maintains a database of information compiled
from the INN log files.

innreport.pl ftp://ftp.eerie.fr/pub/usenet/innreport/ also (At ISC/INN/contrib)
A replacement for innlog which outputs graphs for your news stats in HTML.

tally.README (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
Reports totals and stats from a file generated by newsfeeds: incoming, connects, etc.

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INN Patches by Topic: Logs

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