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News Utilities by Topic: Outgoing news

Note: Descriptions are excerpted from the author's description or documentation, or README files or HTML documents. It is fully your responsibility to verify the software will work as you expect and is suitable for use.

batcher(8) article batching (outgoing news)

buffchan(8) buffered file writing backend (for exploder feeds)

cvtbatch(8) convert Usenet batch file to INN format (list of pathnames to INN batch file)

filechan(8) file-writing backend for INN

inews(1) Prepare article for distribution

innxbatch(8) send xbatched Usenet articles to remote
innxbatch-for-inn-1.4.tar.gz (At BELNET)

innxmit(8) send Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server

newsrequeue(8) rewrite batch files after a system crash

nntpsend(8) send usenet articles to remote site

shrinkfile(1) truncate a file to a specified size at line boundaries

autoreply3.10.shar (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
Automatic reply to messages posted in newsgroups, (to test propagation delay, etc.)

cyclone (At http://www.highwind.com/cyclone.html)
News router for selected Un*x platforms. Designed for high-volume news hubs. Lots of control over spool, quality of service, capacity, etc.

delayfeed.pl (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)

diablo (At Utilities by Matt Dillon)
"...people interested in transit-only news software able to take incoming INN streaming and non-
streaming feeds, and able to generate outgoing feeds should take a look at my Diablo software.
This is strictly newsfeeds software, and cannot be used in conjuction with an NNTP server."

dynafeed.tar.gz (At BELNET)
"Dynamic incoming/outgoing feeds: send newsrc to feeders, get newsrc from peers before
sending." (From 1991- so probably outdated. See gup)

gup-0.4.tar.gz (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
Mail processor to permit downstream sites to update their newsfeeds entries themselves.

innfeed (At Internet Software Consortium) high performance replacement for innxmit
"...a channel feeder capable of transmitting articles to many downstream sites at the same time
(and to the same downstream site over multiple connections), in either traditional or streaming
mode, all without batch files other than the ones you get when a downstream site can't keep up. )

makefeeds.shar (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
Perl script to generate a newsfeeds entry given an active file.

Moderators Tools: see USENET Moderators Archive

newsgate by Rich Salz (At ISC/INN/contrib)
Gateway for mail to news, news to mail, mailing lists, moderators, etc.

newstools-1.3.tar.gz (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
Various news admin utilities by Bill Davidsen. Some Bugs. Includes NSLG: Reader Synthetic
Load generator: "newsreading robots" (for benchmarking/test). ARTRATE: plot incoming article
rate. CONNRATE: plot connections/second, articles read/second. NCC - news consistency
checker: more complete version of findmissing.pl

newsxd-2.5.1-shar.gz (At BELNET)
From 1990: limit/control outgoing feeds: number of connects, length of run time, etc.

NNTPRelay (At http://nntprelay.maxwell.syr.edu/)
"A Usenet news propagator [for Windows NT only] designed for high throughput to many peers....does not support readers." No source code.

sendbatches (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
A news batcher

xbatch-v202.tar.gz (At BELNET)
INN xbatch patch: Software for accepting/sending a compressed feed

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INN Patches by Topic: Outgoing news

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