INN Patches by Topic: Outgoing news

(Since INN relies on external programs to transmit news, there are only a few reasons to patch INN for outgoing news features.)

A number of anti-spam patches to INN, Cyclone, and Typhoon, and other news servers are listed at
There you can find information on Spam-Hippo, Gizmo, Cleanfeed, and others.
See also: spammer.posting.patch at INN Patches by Topic: Readers
For a description of Usenet Spam, see the Usenet RKT topic for users: Spam

ext2_inum.diff (At
(Linux Specific)This is a pretty gross hack that is a large performance win. If you try to open a filename of the form inum:num then it will open inode number num without having to search the filesystem at all. This is a result of profiling that indicated the kernel was spending most of it's time finding the file instead of actually opening/reading it. You can use the inum mount time option to activate this. You will want the following patch to take advantage of this

innd.inum.diff (At
(Linux Specific)This allows you to pass filenames to transport agents (innfeed, nntplink) with the inode embedded using the inum:num convention. Basically any where in the W flag that you would have used f, use i instead

xrefslave.diff (At
and for 1.5.1 at
This modifies innd's handling of slave mode and Xref headers. With this patch you can eliminate the need for XREPLIC, and simply feed with normal transport agents. The only tricks to this is that you have to start innd on the slave with the -S and -b options (-b tells it to get replicate info from Xref) and start innd on the master with the -x parameter to force it to generate Xref headers for every article.

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News Utilities by Topic: Outgoing news
Defect lists for INN versions 1.5.1 and later
For an overview comparison of 1.5.1, 1.5.1sec2, 1.5.2pre1, 1.6b3, and 1.5.1corr, see inn1.5.1corr/1.7

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