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News Utilities by Topic: Performance and Benchmarking

connectdelay.tgz (At Joe Greco's INN Patch Shop)
"is a simple program that connects to your NNRP server, and measures how long it takes to connect and to do a GROUP command. Trivial to modify for other purposes. The delay in toss() is intentional, to simulate actual conditions. It potentially allows the client to be paged out, etc., and gives a mildly more realistic view of server behaviour."

prune.tgz (At Joe Greco's INN Patch Shop)
is an even simpler program that can help you trim /news/control/cancel to a manageable size. Comments included in the enclosed file.
[See also: cancel.151.patch and cancel.14u4.patch at the same site for a different solution.]

history Lag-O-Meter (At http://www.xs4all.nl/~johnpc/inn/)
"These are two little tools that will display a [text] histogram of the lag [post to arrival using Date headers] of the last 1000 arriving articles, along with some interesting statistics about your feed. These are both perl scripts"

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