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News Utilities by Topic: Data Files/History

Note: Descriptions are excerpted from the author's description or documentation.

convdate(1) convert dates to/from time_t and canonical forms

expire(8) remove old articles (from history and spool)

grephistory(1) search history database for msg-ID, map Msg-ID to various fields.

makehistory(8) create history file from spool

prunehistory(8) null out entries in history database

addmissing.pl (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib)
Generate a shell script to add entries to the history file using ctlinnd addhist

checklinks.pl (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
"Go through history file and for each post that is crossposted, verify and restore proper
hardlinks/symlinks. Good to run after you reshuffle a spool partition to restore hardlinks to save
space, or correct improper symlinks. "

count_groups (At Scripts by noyd@u.washington.edu)
Report on newsgroup names specified in the INN history file.

findmissing.pl (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
"Quick perl script to find (so you can delete) files in your news spool which aren't in your history

fixhist (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
"A Perl script to santatize the history database by removing garbage entries. Fairly basic still but
it should catch the most annoying corruptions which would cause expire, innd, or dbz to fail.

laghist: (At Utilities by Matt Dillon)
"If you want to get an idea of the length of time it takes articles to reach your site, the laghist
program can be used."

newsprune (At Utilities by Matt Dillon) INN/HISTORY based spool cleaner-upper V 2.03
For news administrators running INN and using standard inn history files, a program which
efficiently locates articles that are no longer referenced by the history file and produces a list of
them on the standard output. Nominally used to delete articles that INN has lost track of. This
coupled with a 'expireover -s' to clean your overview files does a pretty good job keeping your
news spool clean.

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INN Patches by Topic: Data Files/History

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