Has it been done before?

Many, many people run news servers. And many many people have trouble running news servers and have devised improvements and additional features to help with the complicated tasks. There is a very good chance that your idea has already been considered, discussed, and implemented or rejected.

First: Check the Usenet RKT News Utilities.

Second: Search the archives of news.software.nntp at dejanews.com or other news archives.
You will have to think of good keywords, and that means you will have to know the terminology.
(You did read The Various Parts of INN didn't you?)

Third: If all that fails, ask in news.software.nntp. Start a discussion by asking for comments, or making a request. See if others are interested, or if you missed something elsewhere. (But you'll be much happier if you do a few dejanews searches first!)

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