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News Utilities by Topic: INND

Note: Descriptions are excerpted from the author's description or documentation, or README files or HTML documents. It is fully your responsibility to verify the software will work as you expect and is suitable for use.

INNform (Listed at Dave Barr's INN page)
A Perl INN monitor which outputs HTML

convdate(1) convert dates to/from time_t and canonical forms

ctlinnd(8) control innd

getlist(1) get various lists from NNTP server

inncheck(8) check/verify configuration and database files

innconfval(1) get an InterNetNews configuration value

innstat(8) snapshot of inn system

innwatch(8) monitor and automatically control innd

shlock(1) create lock files for use in shell scripts

shrinkfile(1) truncate a file to a specified size at line boundaries

writelog(8) add an entry into an INN log file

checkup.sh (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
Automatic check of INND, and unthrottle if needed, restart if needed.

collect-sw: (At SWITCH.CH also (At BELNET) ) by Heiko Rupp, XLINK
"analyzes Path:-headers of incoming News articles and builds a database of adjacent News
servers. The package includes scripts to extract reports from collected data and to draw
Postscript maps from the results."

inndelay By Fabien TASSIN. (At ftp://ftp.eerie.fr/pub/usenet/inndelay)
a script to measure article arrival delays (much like delayplot script). A good tool to see
how 'behind' you are.

inndf.c (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
inndf.tar.gz (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
inndf.c.orig (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib)
"Mini 'df' to call from innwatch.ctl. Doesn't sync() like df does, and no need to use awk to parse
output. Does -i too."

innwatch-beta3.pl (At ISC/INN/unoff-contrib) also (At BELNET)
A perl-based innwatch(8)

innd-timer.shar.gz (At BELNET)
"a patch to innd (1.4unoff4) which adds reporting of statistics of how much time innd is spending
waiting (idle), as well as numbers of other events. Good for comparing news servers and seeing
how overloaded yours is.

history Lag-O-Meter (At http://www.xs4all.nl/~johnpc/inn/)
"These are two little tools that will display a [text] histogram of the lag [post to arrival using Date headers] of the last 1000 arriving articles, along with some interesting statistics about your feed. These are both perl scripts"

shownews: (At SWITCH.CH) also (At BELNET) an INN status monitor
" which gives info about innd operation mode, filesystem space, actual News connections, queue
lengths, and input/output traffic."

testhost (Part of the SUCK package)
"Check to see what commands your host recognizes or get the active list."

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INN Patches by Topic: INND

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