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- Service for clients reading messages

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INN daemon - The main handler for articles and incoming connections

INN in general - Install, setup, overview, configuration

Article Arrival - Incoming message processing

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Questions and Answers

INN FAQ Posting while throttled doesn't work

INN FAQ Setting up proxy-nntp to talk through a firewall

INN FAQ How do I restrict access on certain newsgroups (like alt.sex)

INN FAQ How do I configure the /usr/lib/news/moderators file?

INN FAQ How do I moderate a mailing list?

INN FAQ How do I gate news to mail and/or mail to news?

INN FAQ "client" doesn't have the software needed to post.

INN FAQ Make sure that clients can post.

INN FAQ Make sure that "readers" can connect.

Information and References

6.2.3. The NetNews Reading Daemon

4.2.6. Miscellaneous config data(VERIFY_CANCELS)

4.2.10. Sockets created by innd or clients

Converting from other News software 3. NNTP-based newsreaders

passwd.nntp(5) passwords for authorizing NNTP connections

nnrp.access(5) specify access of readers

distrib.pats(5) Default values for message Distribution header

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