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4.2.6. Miscellaneous config data
     All the parameters in  this  section  become  macros  in  the  file
include/configdata.h.   You  should at least look through the parameters
up to VERIFY_CANCELS.  (If set to ``DO'', then innd will  ignore  cancel
messages  unless  the  From or Sender header match those of the original
poster.)  In general, however, you can leave this  section  pretty  much
alone  until  you  have some experience running INN.  Nevertheless, here
are some comments on some of the more useful parameters.

     Innd can memory-map  the  active  file  if  you  set  ACT_STYLE  to
``MMAP''.   On  some systems, however, when a mapped file is updated its
mtime is not updated.  Apparently some versions of System  V  Release  4
have  this  problem.   This  causes  problems for programs like nnmaster
which look at the st_mtime field of  the  stat  structure  in  order  to
determine  if  any  new  news  has come in.  (Nnmaster is part of the nn
newsreading program.)  The best work-around is probably an  hourly  cron
job that touches the active file.

     There are a number of  parameters  that  control  the  behavior  of
rnews.   If  you  set  RNEWS_SAVE_BAD  to ``DO'' then articles that innd
rejects for reasons like bad headers will be saved in the  _PATH_BADNEWS
directory;  you  will have to periodically scan this directory and clean
it up.  You can also control how rnews  logs  duplicates  (those  aren't
saved  regardless  of the value of RNEWS_SAVE_BAD), logging them through
syslog, to a file, or not.  Note  that  if  you  set  RNEWS_LOG_DUPS  to
``FILE'',  then  you  will  want  to  change  _PATH_RNEWS_DUP_LOG, which
appears later in the file.  If you receive news from several UUCP feeds,
you  might  want  to  log duplicates so that you can cut down your phone
bills by optimizing your feeds.  The RNEWSPROGS parameter  says  whether
or  not  to  look  in _PATH_NEWSPROGS for commands named on the incoming
``#!'' line of news batches.  You probably want to set this  to  ``DO''.
Make  sure  that  the  full  pathname  of  rnews,  _PATH_RNEWS, does not
conflict  with   the   directory   where   your   unpackers   are   put,

     If IPADDR_LOG is set to ``DO'' then the news log will report the IP
address  of  hosts  that send articles, rather then what they put in the
Path line.  This can be useful if you run innd  with  the  ``-a''  flag.
(If  you  do  this, you might want to pick up ``hf.tar.Z'' via anonymous
FTP to ee.lbl.gov; it is a filter that  turns  IP  addresses  into  host

     The xxx_TIMEOUT parameters control various timers within  INN;  you
might want to change some of these depending on your system load.
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