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4.2.5. C library omissions
     INN uses library routines that might not be  present  in  all  Unix
systems,  although  they should be.  The lib directory provides versions
of  some  of  these  routines,   including   copies   of   the   freely-
redistributable  BSD  string  routines.  The MISSING_SRC and MISSING_MAN
parameters can be set to list those routines that are missing from  your
C  library.   If you don't have strcasecmp and strncasecmp then you will
need the strcasecmp module built into your INN library.  Add the  ``.c''
and ``.o'' names to MISSING_SRC and MISSING_OBJ, respectively.

     The following routines are all found in the file of the same  name.
If they are missing from your system, add them the same way:

     memchr            strchr            getopt
     memcmp            strrchr           mkfifo
     memcpy            strspn            strerror
     memset            strtok

     If you are using version 1 of the GNU C compiler on a Sparc running
SunOS,  you should add inet_ntoa as a missing function.  This is because
the first version of gcc didn't properly pass structures  into  routines
compiled with the Sun C compiler.

     If you have an older version of syslog add syslog.c and syslog.o to
the appropriate parameters.

     Pyramid machines running OSx have fast  assembly-language  versions
of  the  string routines in the ATT library.  To use these routines, add
``$(OSXATTOBJ)''  to  the  MISSING_OBJS  parameter.   This  will   cause
lib/Makefile  to  extract the object files from the ATT library, and add
them to the INN library.
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