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4.2.4. C library differences
     Editing the parameters in this section will  require  you  to  look
around at the files in your /usr/include directory.

     The SIZE_T parameter is the datatype of the ``size'' parameters  in
subroutine  calls  like  memchr  and  fread.   The  LOCK_STYLE parameter
specifies how file-locking should be done.  Innxmit is the only  program
that  locks  files;  if  you  use  the provided scripts, this isn't even
necessary, so you can set this to  ``NONE''  if  you  have  any  compile

     The  DIR_STYLE  parameter  specifies  what  is  returned  by   your
readdir(3)  routine.   This  will  be  either  a ``struct direct'' or a
``struct dirent''; set the parameter to  ``DIRECT''  or  ``DIRENT''  as

     If you do not have Unix-domain  sockets,  set  HAVE_UNIX_DOMAIN  to
``DONT.''    This  means  that  INN  will  use  a  named  pipe  for  the
communication between innd and ctlinnd.  It also means that  there  will
be no local ``private'' port for rnews to use; this should not cause any
problems, although it makes it easier for anyone to use rnews  and  post
fake news articles.  (You might also have to modify the syslog routines;
see the end of the file syslog/README for details on this.)

     INN needs to know how many descriptors are  available  to  use  for
files  and  sockets.   There  are  several  ways to get this number; the
FDCOUNT_STYLE parameter specifies which method to use.  On most systems,
the  getdtablesize  routine  will  do  this,  so  leave  the  default of
``GETDTAB.''  On other systems you need to use the getrlimit, sysconf or
ulimit  routine,  so set the parameter to ``GETRLIMIT'', ``SYSCONF'', or
``ULIMIT'', respectively.  If you do not have any of  those  calls  then
set  the  parameter  to  ``CONSTANT'' and edit the file lib/getdtab.c to
return the right number.  To get  this  number,  look  for  an  OPEN_MAX
constant in your system header files, or write a program that repeatedly
opens /dev/null until it gets an error.

     The last few parameters in this section, xxxVAL, are used primarily
to keep lint quiet.  These functions are declared in include/clibrary.h,
and the return values are pretty much always ignored.  You  can  usually
determine what these values should be by examining your manpages or your
lint libraries.
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