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4.2.3. Ownerships and file modes
     The NNTP server needs to open the NNTP port; it is port number 119,
which  requires  root  access.   This is the only part of INN that needs
this privilege: all other programs can run under the distinct  user  and
group  id specified by the NEWSUSER and NEWSGROUP parameters.  Most news
administration tasks must be done as user NEWSUSER (see the  explanation
of  ctlinnd  below).  In addition, inews will only let the NEWSUSER user
or members of the NEWSGROUP  group  post  control  messages  other  than

     Some INN scripts (primarily the control  message  scripts  and  the
daily  maintenance  script)  need  to send email to the news maintainer.
The NEWSMASTER parameter specifies the  right  address.   This  is  most
often  the  login name of the account which has NEWSUSER as its user id;
use an alias to forward it to the right people.

     Some Usenet sites still use the Path header line to generate  their
email reply messages.  Using the Path has never been guaranteed to work,
and INN tries to help stop this practice by refusing to  generate  valid
Path  addresses.   The  PATHMASTER parameter specifies what inews should
put at the tail end of the Path line.  If  your  NEWSMASTER  mailbox  is
getting  cluttered,  then  you  might want to change this to be an alias
that rejects the message or drops it into the bit-bucket.   The  default
value is ``not-for-mail'' which usually results in bounced email.

     The xxx_MODE parameters specify the permissions  for  articles  and
directories  created  within the spool area, and the active file, all of
which are owned by user id NEWSUSER.
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