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4.2.2. Logging levels
     INN uses the modern syslog that separates messages into both levels
and  categories.  Look in your <syslog.h> header file for a ``LOG_NEWS''
macro, and check your syslog(3) manpage to make sure that openlog  takes
three  arguments.   If it doesn't, then you will have to use the library
routine and server provided in the syslog directory.  This is  described

     The different levels that are described in  the  syslog(3)  manpage
are confusing, so INN uses its own names for the four levels it uses:

     L_FATAL   Fatal error, about to exit
     L_ERROR   Error that might require attention
     L_NOTICE  Informational notice, no action needed
     L_DEBUG   Protocol tracing or other debugging messages

Depending on how your syslog.conf(5) file is set up, you might  want  to
change the L_xxx parameters in this section.

     The scanlogs script assumes that the first three  categories  above
are   each   directed   into   separate   files.    See   doc/newslog.5,
doc/newslog.8, and syslog/syslog.conf  for  details.   Logging  is  also
described in more detail later.
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