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4.2.1. Make config parameters
     This section is used primarily to  identify  the  path  to  your  C
compiler,  and what extra libraries or command-line switches are needed.
For example, you could put gcc -Wall on the CC line.  If you need  extra
-I flags put them on the DEFS line.  INN uses the register declaration a
great deal.  If your compiler is  very  good,  you  might  want  to  add
-Dregister= to the DEFS line so that INN's declarations are ignored.

     The DBZ package can be compiled so that  the  database  is  memory-
mapped.   If you want to do this and have the mmap system call, then add
``-DMMAP'' to the DBZCFLAGS parameter.

     If you need to link in other libraries (e.g., -lnet)  put  them  on
the LIBS line.

     The Makefiles usually filter all lint output through a sed  script.
If you are very paranoid, set LINTFILTER to cat.  If your lint output is
in the broken multi-line format:

     value type declared inconsistently
         exit        llib-lc(297) :: test.c(7)
     function returns value which is always ignored

Then set LINTFILTER to be the ``sedf.sysv'' line.

     The lib directory also builds a lint library, so that you can  make
sure  the  other  programs are properly using the library routines.  The
LINTLIBSTYLE  parameter  (used  in  lib/Makefile  and   lib/makellib.sh)
controls  how  the  lint library is built.  If your lint understands the
``-C'' flag, then set it to ``BSD''.  If you need  the  ``-o''  flag  to
build a library, then set it to ``SYSV''.  If neither of these work, you
can set it to ``NONE''; this will just create an empty file so that  the
other  Makefiles don't break.  If you come up with a fourth alternative,
let me know.

     Unfortunately, on some systems lint is all but useless, so complain
to  your vendor and take the output with a grain of salt.  You might get
some warnings about ``struct  _DDHANDLE''  being  undefined.   You  can
ignore them and ask your vendor to support the BSD ``-z'' lint flag.  If
you set  HAVE_UNISTD  to  ``DO''  then  you  might  get  warnings  about
prototype    mismatches    for    various    functions    declared    in
include/clibrary.h.  You can ignore them or remove the  lines  from  the
INN header file.

     The MANPAGESTYLE parameter (used in doc/Makefile and doc/putman.sh)
controls how manual pages are installed into your public directory while
the MANx parameters specify the directories where  they  get  installed.
If you do not want to install any manpages, set MANPAGESTYLE to NONE.
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