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4.2.10. Sockets created by innd or clients
     The innd server and its clients (most notably ctlinnd) create Unix-
domain  sockets  or named pipes.  They are created inside a ``firewall''
directory that gives access permission to a limited set of  users.   For
example,  assume  the  directory  is /usr/local/news/innd and that it is
owned by user news in  group  news  and  has  mode  0770.   Using  these
permissions,  then  only  members  of  the news group can use ctlinnd to
create new groups because only they will be able to send  a  message  to
the innd socket.

     This directory (which is specified by the _PATH_INNDDIR  parameter)
is  also  used  to  determine the user and group id of all sub-processes
spawned by innd, as well as the owner of all news  articles  and  files.
The owner of this directory is set at installation time and specified in
the ``Ownerships and file modes'' section, above.
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