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4.2.11. Log and config files
     INN  keeps  its  databases,  and  some  control  files  their   own
directory,  typically  named  /usr/local/news.   Log  files  are kept in
/var/log/news.  There are many parameters in this section that refer  to
files  within  this directory.  Some sites will want to globally replace
``/usr/local/news''   with    something    like    ``/var/news'',    and
``/usr/lib/newsbin'' with ``/var/newsbin''

     There are two files that contain access  passwords,  _PATH_NNTPPASS
and  _PATH_NNRPACCESS.   The  default  location  for  these  files is in
/usr/local/etc, so that it is generally safe to  export  /usr/local/news 
(read-only is probably best).

     INN programs  do  extensive  logging,  and  the  daily  maintenance
scripts  do  extensive  summary  reports and analysis of them.  It might
take you some time to learn your way  around  the  INN  logging  system;
start by reading the newslog manpages in the doc directory.
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