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3. Distribution Roadmap
     The INN sources are divided into the following directories:

frontends      Programs to feed  articles  to  the  central  server  and
               control it.

innd           The   central   NNTP   server.    It   accepts   incoming
               connections,  receives articles, and arranges for them to
               be sent to downstream newsfeeds.

backends       Programs to transmit articles to other sites.

expire         Programs to purge the article files and history database.

nnrpd          An NNTP server for on-campus clients that do  newsreading
               (as opposed to bulk article transfer).

lib            Library routines used by all the above.

include        Header files used by all the above.

     The distribution also includes these directories:

samples        Prototype scripts and configuration files that might have
               to be edited before they are installed.

site           A place to store  edited  copies  of  the  files  in  the
               samples directory.

doc            Manual pages for all the above.

config         Tools to configure the release for your site.

     Finally, there are a handful of files in the top-level directory:

README         A basic introduction.

COPYRIGHT      The  distribution  copyright.   InterNetNews  is   freely
               redistributable, provided proper credit is given.

MANIFEST       A one-line description of every file in the distribution.

BUILD          An interactive script to configure,  build,  and  install

makedirs.sh    A script to build INN's directories except  for  the  top
               levels: /usr/news /var/news and /var/news/spool.  As long
               as you have write permission  to  install  the  programs,
               this  is  the only part of the installation that needs to
               be done as  root,  except  that  inndstart  needs  to  be
               installed  setuid  root, and so doing the install as root
               will make life easier.

Makefile       Rules to call the other Makefiles and make distributions.

Install.ms     This document.  It requires the ``-ms'' nroff/troff macro

MakeLib        Script to build a directory with  a  replacement  of  the
               reference  implementation's ``clientlib'' routines needed
               by remote rn.

MakeInews      Script to build an inews distribution directory.

MakeRnews      Script to build an rnews distribution directory.

sedf.xxx       Various sed scripts to filter the output of lint.
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More Detailed Topics
See a data flow diagram at The various parts of INN
6.2.1. The Frontend Programs
6.2.2. Innd
6.2.3. The NetNews Reading Daemon
6.2.4. The Backend Programs
6.2.5. Expire
6.2.6. Script and data files

Overview and Related Topics
INN Man Pages

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