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6.2.2. Innd
     The next program is  the  main  news  server,  which  includes  the
following programs:

innd           Innd accepts all incoming  NNTP  connections  and  either
               processes  their  traffic  or  hands them off to the NNTP
               ``newsreader'' server.  It accepts articles, files  them,
               and  queues  them  so that they can be sent to downstream
               feeds.  Innd listens on the official NNTP port.  On  most
               systems  only  root  can do this.  Innd is careful to set
               the modes of  any  files  it  creates,  as  well  as  the
               privileges of any processes it spawns.

inndstart      Sites that are concerned about large root-access programs
               may  wish  to  install inndstart.  This program opens the
               port, changes its user and group ID to  be  that  of  the
               news  administrator,  and  then exec's innd with the open
               port.  It also sets up a  secure  execution  environment.
               It  is  a  small program (about 100 lines) that is easily
               understood.  You should use  it  because  innd  will  run
               faster  because  it  won't  have to make any chown system
               calls.  If you make inndstart setuid root  then  no  news
               maintenance has to be done as root.

     To build these, type the following:

     cd $inn/innd
     make all

     Note that innd handles  the  filing  and  distribution  of  certain
messages  differently  from  other  systems.   For example, you can have
newsgroups  within  ``control''  for  the  different  types  of  control
messages.   See  innd.8,  newsfeeds.5, and active.5 in the doc directory
for details.
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