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6.2.3. The NetNews Reading Daemon
     Innd implements a  subset  of  the  NNTP  protocol  --  only  those
commands that are needed for peer sites to feed news articles.  You must
install nnrpd to allow users to read news.  If  a  connection  comes  in
from  a  host  that  is  not  a specified feed, then an nnrpd process is
spawned to handle it.  (You can debug nnrpd by running it interactively;
put an entry for the host named ``stdin'' in your nnrp.access file.)

     Build the newsreader server by doing the following:

     cd $inn/nnrpd
     make all

Note that if users on a peer machine (one that feeds you news)  want  to
read  news  from  your  server,  then you have two choices.  You can use
nntpd from the reference platform (See Appendix II) and make sure not to
list  the  peer in your nntp.access file.  The other choice is to relink
the reading software on the other machine with the INN library  so  that
it uses the ``mode reader'' NNTP command extension.
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