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6.2.1. The Frontend Programs
     Frontends are those programs that talk to  the  main  news  server,
either  offering  it  articles or controlling its action.  This includes
the following programs:

inews          The program that validates and prepares news articles and
               gives  them  to  innd.   This  is  mostly  used  by users
               (usually indirectly, through programs  like  Pnews),  but
               also   through   special  facilities  such  as  news/mail

rnews          Unpacks news batches from UUCP sites and offers  them  to

ctlinnd        This program controls innd, directing it to  do  most  of
               the  tasks  a news administrator will have to do:  create
               newsgroups, update newsfeeds, and the like.

     To build these programs, type the following:

     cd $inn/frontends
     make all

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More Detailed Topics
8. Heterogeneous Client Installations contains an important discussion of inews.
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