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8. Heterogeneous Client Installations
     The inews program is used by user newsreaders.  Programs such as rn
(which call Pnews) prepare a news article and feed it into inews.  Inews
validates the news headers, adds its own, and feeds the article  to  the
campus  innd  server.  The inews that comes with INN is more useful then
the ``mini-inews'' that comes with the  reference  implementation.   You
cannot  run the standard B2.11 inews.  You can run the C News inews, but
only on client machines (i.e., those with a  $NEWSCTL/server  file).   I
recommend  that  you  install  INN's  inews  on  all the clients in your

     INN comes with a MakeInews script to make it easier  to  build  and
install  inews  on  a  wide  variety  of  hosts.   This script creates a
directory  and  copies  all  the  necessary  files  (headers,   sources,
configuration  files)  into  it.  The script takes an optional argument,
which should name the client machine's architecture.  For example:

     cd $inn
     ./MakeInews sun3

will create an inews.sun3 directory.  You can then examine the  Makefile
in  that  directory,  and build and install inews on your Sun-3 clients.
This is easiest if the client NFS-mounts the source  directory  --  that
way you can keep all your inews sources in one place.

     Rnews only has to be available on the machine where  you  run  UUCP
(and  perhaps  a mail-news gateway).  If this is not the same machine as
where innd is running, then the MakeRnews script can be used in the same
manner as the MakeInews script.

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