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6.2.6. Script and data files
     In addition to the programs, INN  requires  several  scripts.   For
example,  one  script  starts  the  server  when the machine boots while
another prunes the log files and runs expire every night.  Many of these
scripts can be used as-is until you get a feel for how INN works.

     INN also requires several data files.   One  specifies  what  sites
feed  you  news,  another  what  sites  you feed, and so on.  INN cannot
provide these, other than giving sample entries.  You'll  probably  find
that writing these files will be the hardest part of your installation.

     Prototypes  for  all  these  files  are  provided  in  the  samples
directory.   Your  modified  copies  should  be  maintained  in the site
directory.  By splitting things up this way, official updates will never
wipe out any changes you have made.

     To create the initial set of files, do the following:

     cd $inn/site
     make all

     See below for an explanation of each file.
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