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4.2.13. Tcl filtering configuration.
     The innd server can be configured to include TCL hooks  to  be  run
whenever a new article is received and when certain other actions occur.
See the file README.tcl_hook for more details.

     The TCL_SUPPORT parameter specifies whether you want to compile  in
the Tcl support code. Select DO or DONT.

     The TCL_LIB parameter specifies the extra  libraries  you  need  to
link  against  to  include  tcl  support.  Typically  ``-ltcl  -lm'' are
required. If you defined TCL_SUPPORT   to  DONT,  then  this  should  be

     The _PATH_TCL_STARTUP parameter  specifies  the  path  of  the  tcl
script that is to be loaded at process startup time. A sample version is
included in samples/startup.tcl which will be installed in the  location
you define here.

     The _PATH_TCL_FILTER parameter specifies the path of the tcl script
that  is to be loaded upon command by ctlinnd. See the ctlinnd.8 manpage
for more details (the ``filter'' and ``reload'' commands). A  sample  is
included  in  samples/filter.tcl which will be installed in the location
defined by this parameter.
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