This is Part 2 of Installing InterNetNews.  Part 1
Known Problems: SunOS
Known Problems: VAX Ultrix 4.2
Known Problems: SunSoft Interactive UNIX System V
Known Problems: 386BSD (Jolitz)
Known Problems: Sequent
Known Problems: SCO
Known Problems: SVR4
Known Problems: GNU sed
Known Problems: HP-UX
Known Problems: AIX
Known Problems: children never exit
Appendix I:  Differences from other News software
    1.  Configuration Files
    2.  Newsgroups, Active, Sys, and Newsfeeds
    3.  Control Messages
    4.  Locking
Appendix II:  Converting from other News software
    1.  C News Expire
    2.  Standard NNTP daemon
    3.  NNTP-based newsreaders
    4.  Remote rn
    5.  Removing the Other Stuff
Appendix III:  Setting up different feeds
    1.  Ihave/sendme feed
    2.  Feeding a large number of sites
    3.  Master/slave replication
Appendix IV:  First-time Usenet or NNTP Installation
Appendix V:  News overview database
Appendix VI:  Limited MIME Support

[Source:"Installing InterNetNews 1.5.1"][][Revision: 1.19 1996/11/10]
[Copyright: 1991 Rich Salz, 1996 Internet Software Consortium]

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