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6. Compiling the System
     Once the INN sources have been configured, they  are  ready  to  be
compiled.   If  you  are  very  confident  of  your  changes,  type  the

     cd $inn
     make all

If you do not get any errors, skip to the  section  titled  ``Installing
the System.''

     If you are confident, but careful, type:

     cd $inn
     make world
     cat */lint

This will compile everything, then run lint in all directories.

     Another option is to run the BUILD script found at the top  of  the
source  tree.   This  will interactively configure, compile, and install
the system.  After running that  script,  skip  to  the  section  titled
``Installing the System.''

     If you are more cautious, you should type the following:

     cd $inn/config
     make quiet
     cd ..

This  will  use  your  already-tested  subst  program  with   your   new
config.data  file.   You  should  then follow the steps in the following

   6.1.  Building the Library
   6.2.  Compiling the Programs
      6.2.1.  The Frontend Programs
      6.2.2.  Innd
      6.2.3.  The NetNews Reading Daemon
      6.2.4.  The Backend Programs
      6.2.5.  Expire
      6.2.6.  Script and data files
   6.3.  Manual pages
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