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6.1. Building the Library
     The next step is to build the INN library.  Do the following

     cd $inn/lib
     make libinn.a lint

     This will build the library and run lint on  the  sources,  putting
the  output  into  a file named lint.  If anything fails to compile, you
probably made a configuration error, most  likely  in  the  ``C  library
differences''  section.   In particular, double-check the SIGHANDLER and
xxx_STYLE parameters.

     The lint output should be almost empty,  except  for  a  couple  of
``possible  pointer  alignment  problem'' warnings in dbz.c.  If you get
much more than this, then you probably did not  define  the  POINTER  or
SIZE_T   parameters   properly.    The   NEW   and   RENEW   macros   in
include/macros.h try to capture all the  alignment  problems  associated
with   dynamic   memory  allocation.   Also  double-check  the  ALIGNPTR
parameter and the CAST macro in include/macros.h.

     If lint reports any other problems, you should  take  the  time  to
investigate them.  Note that many lint libraries have errors.  Also, you
may get some problems in yaccpar in parsedate.y; these are  most  likely
in the yacc-generated C code.  If you get any of these, complain to your

     If you find a portability issue that I missed, please let me know.

     Once the library is built, you should install it in  the  top-level
INN directory.  To do this type ``make install'' while still in the lib
directory.  This will also compile a lint library for use in linting the
programs in the other directories.

     Note that any time a change is made to  the  library  you  must  do
``make install''; it is not enough to type ``make libinn.a''.  This is
a deliberate  decision  --  like  a  program,  compiling  a  library  is
different  from  making it available for others to use, and installing a
library should make it possible to run lint against it.
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