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INN FAQ Part 7

INN FAQ Table Of Contents for Part 7/9

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The INN FAQ was written by Heiko W. Rupp, the previous maintainers (Tom Limoncelli and Rich Salz,) et al. An appropriate copyright announcement appears at the bottom of each page in the Usenet RKT. I am very grateful for their permission to incorporate the results of their hard work!

Release Notes: In keeping with the RKT design guidelines, the INN FAQ has been split up into over 200 separate files for inclusion in the RKT. (You can find pointers to the plain text versions of the FAQs in INN FAQ Where can I get the latest copy of this FAQ?) But remember you can only get the FAQ links organized by topic and RKT couplings (additions, corrections, links to the FAQ entries) right here at mibsoftware.com.

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Archive-name: usenet/software/inn-faq/part7
Last Changed: $Date: 1997/09/16 01:25:57 $ $Revision: 2.25 $

7.1 INN FAQ XHDR says Bad Article Number
7.2 INN FAQ Everything I receive, I re-feed to the feeder
7.3 INN FAQ Suddenly my active and history files are owned by root!
7.4 INN FAQ How come my host name comes out twice in the Path line?
7.5 INN FAQ Expire had problems and won't run again after fixing the problem
7.6 INN FAQ Expire says "Group not matched (removed?) -- Using default ..."
7.7 INN FAQ Expire reports 'Can't replace history files, Cross-device link'
7.8 INN FAQ Why doesn't this newsfeeds entry do what I want?
7.9 INN FAQ Why am I forwarding cancel messages for articles in comp.foo
7.10 INN FAQ Debugging someone that is feeding you.
7.11 INN FAQ Feeds suddenly can't connect anymore!
7.12 INN FAQ I'm getting groups sent to me that I don't want.
7.13 INN FAQ When my feeder connects, I get articles but they don't take what's waiting for them.
7.14 INN FAQ Directories are being created with wrong permissions.
7.15 INN FAQ Why am I getting alt.sex.pictures even though I have...
7.16 INN FAQ More about the "to.*" groups
7.17 INN FAQ What's a decent syslog.conf configuration?
7.18 INN FAQ INN batcher writing "#!rnews 0" separators
7.19 INN FAQ Posting while throttled doesn't work
7.20 INN FAQ I am not getting all the articles, but my feeder is sending a full feed
7.21 INN FAQ overchan can't keep up.
7.22 INN FAQ "newgroup" control messages aren't being executed
7.23 INN FAQ What do these history.n.* files do?
7.24 INN FAQ Out of inodes but still space left on disk
7.25 INN FAQ Server throttled No space left on device writing article file
7.26 INN FAQ Is there a automatic way to update newsfeeds?
7.27 INN FAQ Reloading hosts.nntp is slow.
7.28 INN FAQ What are these "xforte" or "xindex" commands that appear in my logs?
7.29 INN FAQ My active is not updated frequently enough
7.30 INN FAQ Feedentries in newsfeeds are ignored
7.31 INN FAQ Help, my active file got corrupted (or deleted)!
7.32 INN FAQ Help, my history file is getting real big!
7.33 INN FAQ Help, INND gets real big
7.34 INN FAQ Help, my history file got deleted!
7.35 INN FAQ I'm seeing duplicate message-id's in my history database!
7.36 INN FAQ Getting lots of duplicate articles
7.37 INN FAQ Inn send mail to 'rmgroup' or 'newgroup'
7.38 INN FAQ Ctlinnd cancel doesn't cancel my articles ..
7.39 INN FAQ Inn hangs during renumbering the active file
7.40 INN FAQ Some local postings don't make it to remote, but others do
7.41 INN FAQ Expire does no longer work
7.42 INN FAQ news.daily complains about unknown entries from syslog
7.43 INN FAQ Innd writes to syslog: DEBUG ERROR SITEspool: trashed
7.44 INN FAQ My feed does have different groups in active
7.45 INN FAQ INN is only slowly responding
7.46 INN FAQ What does 'Reserved Expiring process xxx' mean?
7.47 INN FAQ What happens to cancels if they arrive before the article ?
7.48 INN FAQ I use funnel feeds and INND dumps core
7.49 INN FAQ NNTP-Posting-Host is localhost.do.main even if host has a name
7.50 INN FAQ uuxqt says: rnews exit status 1
7.51 INN FAQ innd get a non-zero "nice'' value?
7.52 INN FAQ innd runs as root, even if configured to run as 'news'
7.53 INN FAQ Makehistory is slow on inn 1.x , x<5.1
7.54 INN FAQ Expire is slooooooow
7.55 INN FAQ Why are multiple innwatch's running?
7.56 INN FAQ I upgraded to INN 1.5.1, and peers have trouble feeding me.
7.57 INN FAQ I upgraded to INN 1.5.1, and it takes clients a long time to connect.
7.58 INN FAQ My server gets slower and is busy doing io



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