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INN FAQ Part 7

NOTE: The maintainers of the INN FAQ stopped publishing in December 1997.
An important update to this topic is provided by Mib Software in the Usenet RKT for Subscribers.

Subject: (7.34) Help, my history file got deleted!

One way to get back in action is to restore the history
file from last night's backup and run 'makehistory -bu'. That
will add back the articles that arrive since the backup to the database.
You can even add the '-n' option to not throttle the server and
you can do this while still accepting news, however you'll probably
get some duplicate articles (which may not be all that bad given
the alternative of extra downtime).

What, you don't have a backup? Too bad. If you still have the
news articles on disk, you can do one of two things: run makehistory
to make an entirely new database, or newfs the news spool and start
over. The first option will probably take at least a day or more,
the second option a few minutes.

[ One neat idea in this case would be to write a program which took
the output of findmissing.pl and into another program which read
each article (a la makehistory) and sent "ctlinnd addhist"'s.
This would be a lot faster since 'makehistory -bu' still opens
every article in the spool. ]


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