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INN FAQ Part 7

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Subject: (7.50) uuxqt says: rnews exit status 1

The problem is that news batches coming in via uucp get saved fine
by uucp, but rnews isn't able to process them and uuxqt either throws
them away or puts them to a .Failed directory. This seems to happen
often with newer versions of Taylor uucp.

Taylor uucp saves batches as owner uucp mode 600. So when rnews (as it
is installed by make is news.uucp and mode r-sr-sr-x then it gets
user news which is not able to read the batches and exits right away.
Changing rnews to
  50 -r-sr-s---   1 uucp     news       24724 Dec 10 14:59 /bin/rnews
helped in all cases that I had this specific problem. The s-Bit on
group news assures that if rnews fails (e.g. server throttled), then
it can put the batches to in.coming/bad.


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