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INN FAQ Part 7

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Subject: (7.54) Expire is slooooooow

Q: Expire takes 20 hours on my system to complete.

First of all you should call news.daily with the delayrm option (see
also INN FAQ #2.12, INN FAQ #4.18, INN FAQ #4.19, INN FAQ #5.13). If this is still too slow, then it
could be that the list passed to "fastrm" is too large to be sorted by
the sort(1) command, typically because /tmp is too small. Try setting
TMPDIR in innshellvars.


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It isn't clear why some of those FAQ entries are referenced, but here they are:
2.12 INN FAQ Systems where only root can have "cron" jobs.
4.18 INN FAQ Other cron jobs.
4.19 INN FAQ Cookbook example of setting up NOV ("overchan").
5.13 INN FAQ news.daily reports: "Expire had problems removing articles"

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