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INN FAQ Part 5

Subject: (5.13) news.daily reports: "Expire had problems removing articles"

This message tells you that you need to look in the file
${MOST_LOGS}/expire.log to find out what really happened.

On the other hand...

Expire reports this if it goes through the entire expire process and
didn't find any articles to remove. It is normal to get this error the
first few days you are running INN. For example, if the smallest
integer that appears in the 4th field of your expire.ctl is a "4", then
you're sure to see this error the first four days you get an news.daily

However, those first four days are when you are still learning the
system and it can be very shocking to see the error. "Eeek! Did I do
something wrong?" Nope, news.daily is just telling you that you have a
virginal system.

Rich writes a more technical explanation:
| When using the "delayrm" keyword, news.daily calls expirerm to
| actually remove the articles that expire listed in its "-z" file.
| As distributed, expirerm calls fastrm with the "-e" flag.  This
| flag says "exit non-zero if nothing was removed."  In the normal
| case, it is an error if expire doesn't find anything to remove.

...and a system being 4 days old isn't the normal case. So you
get the error. Ignore it.


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